Slow & Steady Wins the Race!

Students start to wonder what coaches will lead their teams this year

As the year 2020 continues, the Corona Virus has affected the lives of many people immensely. Now with school back in session, many events and activities have been handled very differently. It seems as if in-school activities are always at the front of the general public. However, sports and their respective teams are always left out of conversations. What are they going through? How are they practicing? Are they upset about the situation?

“Being the baseball coach and now also the Cross-Country coach has been difficult. Not being able to see the players and also not being able to have an in-person meeting for the new school year with the athletes” Coach Franco said. Bryan Gonzalez, a senior athlete on the team, claimed that they have simple safety precautions like if someone gets sick, they would advise them to stay home and send them the practices they should do for that day. They would generally stay 6 feet apart and are separated due to each of them running different time = different work out paces. They are not required to wear a mask.

During this pandemic, many teachers and faculty members may be feeling a bit stressed with everything that is going on. “I feel confident as a coach that I will be able to get them prepared to their maximum capabilities in order to represent our school to the highest standards during competitions” Coach Franco said.

There are some sports that are a bit time consuming and can cut into personal time for homework and time for yourself and family. Kaitlynn Parker, a junior athlete on the team had something to say about this, “Practice is actually pretty short unless you choose to stay and still run and workout which a lot of us do together even without the coach. It hasn’t really affected my personal life with my family and my homework load depends on myself responsibility to get it done and not procrastinate, which I do a lot, but I wouldn’t say cross country really makes my schedule stressful.”

The coach has high hopes for his athletes and expects them to attend each class whenever they have decided to meet up. But did the athletes parents let them join the Cross-Country team knowing that their health was at risk. “My parents were ok with it since they know that this is my last year to compete in high school XC,” said Gonzalez. Parker agreed, “It wasn’t a struggle to convince them, they wanted me to do it. They know that we don’t have 20 kids like other sports on the team and it’s small so chances of getting Corona are smaller, and the test we take before practice helps us be safer.”

Although the country is in a global pandemic, everyone must try to keep going on. There will still be competitions and events for the team to attend and get ready for, “I believe the season will be a shortened version and we aren’t a part of the FHSAA this fall.  I am excited to get started with practice and looking forward to our first competition.” Coach Franco said.