Attempting Applications?

The struggles students are facing with college applications

 On March 13, 2020, the alteration of millions began, due to COVID -19. Schools told students that the spring break would indirectly be lengthened due to the nationwide shutdown, for two additional weeks. The excitement from the cancelation of school soon began to diminish as students realized entering their school building would be a thing of the past.  Then Juniors in particular eagerly awaited the start of their senior year in hopes that it would be face to face but quickly learned that their school year would consist of computer screens, teams meetings, pajamas all day, homework all night, and the struggle of keeping everything together while also applying to college.

The college application process for seniors this year has gone completely different than previous years due to the pandemic the world is facing. Usually, when seniors enter their last year of high school, they are guided on what to do and how to prepare for the application process. This year unfortunately seniors have not been allowed to seek face-to-face guidance during their applications. If the seniors have one question or even multiple about their application, they have to email their guidance counselor and wait about 2-3 business days for a response. When the guidance receives over a hundred emails a day from students it can become difficult to answer every student. Rather than if students were in school, they could just make an appointment to speak with their counselor face to face. 

Seniors have been set at a disadvantage this year when it comes to their college application process because most universities require SATs or ACT scores and due to the virus certain tests were canceled. This became extremely stressful for seniors who were and still are applying for early admissions because they only got one opportunity to take the test in March. Most out of state schools are making their usual requirement for test scores, optional this year to let seniors know that they understand their struggles and want to help. Students applying to universities in Florida are still required to send in their test scores, which can become nerve-racking as they feel as if time is running out. 

Going into this unsettling school year, seniors felt like they were expected to just simply know how the application process would go. With no one but their own brilliant brains and maybe a couple of “How to apply for college” Youtube videos, or a TikTok video that was actually remarkably helpful they are continuing to figure it out and making the best of it. Although there are some useful tips online, not having a counselor, brace advisor, or teacher guide students with the process, applying for college can become unmotivating and confusing, ultimately discouraging that student from applying to a certain school that they have worked diligently for.

I definitely have struggled to apply. Knowing the timelines of when colleges were accepting applications was the hardest. I think that we could’ve gotten more help because we are definitely lacking information about graduation requirements and making sure we’re on track.”

— Senior, Rachael Sloan

As the months fly by seniors are becoming more anxious as the pressure for applying to college continues to get stronger. Feeling overwhelmed at home, seniors tend to forget they still have help if they need it. Although not directly in school seniors are not completely alone. By contacting the Coral Glades Brace Advisor students can become enlightened and relieved from an abundance of knowledge gained. 

Every senior continues onward with maneuvering their way through this year, by coming up with different ways to understand the college application process, and ways to set themselves at an advantage. Though the stress is on for many, the new chapters coming in the near future are far more exciting, making the situation that is now potentially worth it.