Taylor Swift’s “Twin” Albums

Megastar Taylor Swift releases two alternative albums “folklore” and “evermore” during lockdown months apart from each other


Graphic credits: Gloria Greenfield

Eleven months after the “Lover” era, megastar Taylor Swift broke her silence regarding her musical journey amidst the pandemic shutdown. As fans speculated if something was in the works, Swift left subtle easter eggs as she normally would, however, #swifties missed the signs. An album “folklore” written and recorded in complete isolation dropped for fans globally on July 24, 2020, with the music video for her first track on the album “cardigan” dropping at midnight as well. With fans in utter shock and disbelief, they began to memorize lyrics to her hottest tracks like “my tears ricochet,” “exile,” and “the 1.” Fans even spotted the subliminal love triangle within the songs “cardigan,” “betty,” and “august,” following the storyline of a teenage love story of a boy that makes a mistake and has an affair.

 In “betty,” we follow the plot of James as he ponders what it would be like to show up at Betty’s house after the downfall of their relationship because he is “only 17 and doesnt know anything but {he knows he misses her},” and eventually he does. 

In “cardigan,” we get Betty’s perspective as she reminisces on James and her relationship and how she knew he would “linger like a tattoo kiss” and how he would “haunt all of {her} what if’s.”

Finally, we get the point of view of fan speculation “Augusta”, which had later been confirmed by Taylor Swift herself in her Disney Plus documentary concert in the fall. In “august,” Augusta reminds James of their summer affair and how she should have known that “{he wasn’t} her’s to lose.”

After a few months of listeners jamming to “folklore” and getting it to the top of Billboard 100, Swift surprise released on Dec. 11, 2020  her “sister” album: “evermore.” “Evermore” journeys farther into storytelling and doesn’t focus as much on the singer-songwriter’s personal life. 

Some personal favorites like “champagne problems,” “tolerate it,” “happiness,” and “coney island” stick to the typical heart wrenching ballads Swift has been known for for years. In this album, she has strayed away from upbeat tracks which can be heard in her songs “ivy,” “marjorie,” “cowboy like me,” and “evermore.” 

After about three weeks of the megastar promoting her deluxe version of the album, she finally put two bonus tracks “right where you left me” and “it’s time to go” on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

All in all, the two “sister” albums “folklore” and “evermore” are huge steps for the popstar as they are listed as “alternative” and continue to grow in ratings and streams each day.