Drama , Dates , and Downright Antics

New Bachelor season has Bachelor Nation shook

The 25th season of The Bachelor premiered Jan. 4, 2021. This is the second season filmed during quarantine. The first was Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adam’s season which was filled with intense drama and unbearable heartbreak, which left viewers excited for a season with just one bachelor throughout.  

This season’s bachelor is Matt James. Bachelor Nation buzzed in excitement over watching the  29-year-old real estate broker and former college football player from Raleigh, North Carolina take on this role after having never been a previous contestant. Since his Bachelor reveal announcement, Bachelor Nation quickly ran to stalk his social media profiles to check out his story and background. Initially, James should have been on the 16th season of the Bachelorette with Clare and Tayshia but things changed leading him to become the Bachelor.

Many love his personality and charm, but also because he has made Bachelor history as the first-ever black man to be the Bachelor, in eighteen years. This made fans excited to see diversity after the show obtained backlash for the lack of it. He is best friends with Tyler Cameron, and close friends with Hannah Brown. Over quarantine, Bachelor Nation saw an inside look into his quarantine experience with Hannah Brown, former Bachelorette, and Tyler Cameron, runner-up in Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette season and long-time friend from their time as football teammates at Wake Forest University.  

            This season is another special season considering it was filmed in quarantine, however, this season feels rather normal as compared to last season. On the 16th season of the Bachelorette, it was located in La Quinta Resort & Club. There, contestants had separate suites making it extremely different from the fraternity and sorority feeling the bachelor mansion gives. Usually contestants all share rooms in the mansion, forcing them to live with the other suitors who are all competing for the same person leading to more drama and entertainment. 

            From the first episode people had already found out who was going to start drama, who was going to be good entertainment, and who their fan favorite was. The first impression rose winner, Abigail Heringer, so far appears to be everyone’s favorite contestant; she stays out of drama and opens up to Matt quickly. On social media, her popularity grew the most out of all the girls. Victoria Larson (a self-proclaimed Queen) automatically caught everyone’s attention coming out of the limo with a crown and a royal robe. She hopped right out of the gate stirring up drama left and right and has made many enemies along the way only three weeks in. Making her the drama stirrer from day one, while also making her great TV for viewers and Twitter user’s favorite meme subject.

             So far, Bachelor has been quite the ride and viewers cannot wait to see more quality memes, hot tub dates, drama unfold, and, ultimately, watch Matt James and one lucky contestant find love.