Do Not Disturb

Quarantine has caused a new wave of addiction for students that people use everyday: cell phones


Jessica Saint-Amand, freshman, sits at her desk on her phone to pass the time.

During 2020, the US was hit with a deadly virus that shook the country.. This virus swept through the world with deadly vengeance, at times wiping out 2 to 3 family members. Because of this deadly virus people were quarantined, students were no longer allowed to go to school, teens were not able to see their friends, and families couldn’t even see each other for Christmas. Covid-19has enabled teenagers to get more addicted to social media. 

The average teenager would be in school where they weren’t allowed on their phones for 8 hours, then they would come home and do homework for about 3 hours after, then spend about 4 hours on their phone, then go to bed. In total that is 15 hours out of their day without being on their phones, because of Coronavirus most teenagers are doing online school. Although most teenagers are participating in online school, it does not stop them from going on their phone throughout the day because there is no one there to stop them from being on it.

“Because of Covid, my average hours on my phone has gone up by 5 hours,” freshman Jessica Saint-Amand said.  She believes this has happened because it’s very easy to get distracted when you are at home doing work. Jessica also thinks that it’s a bad thing that she’s been on her phone. Because it is harder to get her work done. Many teenagers like Jessica have found it a lot harder to get their work done when they are doing online school because you are at home and have stopped you from going onto your phone. Teens are now  most of their time on Tik Tok or facetime during school because it is easily distracting and very entertaining. It is very easy to get distracted during school, especially if you have no one to supervise you, which is causing more and more teenagers to get even more addicted to their phones then they were before.

The Corona Virus has brought many troubles to our world, and one of them being that teenagers have become more addicted to their phones.  if we all put down our devices for the school day then more students can get better grades.