An Old Yet New Movie

17 Again comes to Neflix


With 2021 just beginning, Netflix has decided to introduce a handful of 2010s and late 2000s movies to their site. This includes a popular romantic comedy movie for teens called “17 Again”. This film has many well-known actors such as Zac Efron as well as Matthew Perry and Michelle Trachtenberg starring in it.

Although “17 Again” was released on Apr. 14, 2009, this PG-13 movie is still quite popular today. The story follows a 35-year-old, Mike O’Donnell, who wishes to relive his teenage years so that he could have a do-over.

The flick begins with Mike O’Donnell wishing he could change his past as his life just kept going downhill. He ends up transforming into his young, high school basketball star self once again. At first, he believes his purpose there is to gain the scholarship he was never able to, but soon finds out that with this chance of a lifetime he should attempt to put his family back together after struggling with his failed marriage and bond with his kids.

He soon found out his kids are not who they seemed to be, and his wife was moving on quickly. As he learns more about his family, he starts to realize that maybe he does not regret everything that has happened to him.

This film is one of your classic body swapping movies such as “Freaky Friday” or “13 Going on 30”. It is believed that the plot would end up being the same as all the other movies and become tiresome. Surprisingly, the feature was a good family-friendly movie with humor for all ages thrown in. The plot had twists and turns along the way as well as characters that felt more and more relatable as time goes on. The show also includes a realistic expectation of a high school experience. The message or lesson learned at the end of the show is very positive and light hearted as well. The entire storyline was well done.

Overall, it could easily be said that this would be a good recommendation to anyone who is looking for a good laugh and a heartfelt movie. It was a well put together film with many enjoyable scenes. Next time when scrolling through Netflix, give “17 Again” a go as it is a good pick.