‘Soul’ Review

Disney’s newest film Soul comes out on Disney+


Soul was released to Disney+ on Dec. 25, 2020. Joe Gardner is the main character. Joe is a 46-year-old professional jazz player. He teaches band to middle school students. Joe believes that jazz is what he was born to do. Until one day, the wrong step into a maintenance hole sends him to The Great Beyond of Afterlife. Joe Gardner was celebrating the gig that he had always wanted and fell into an uncovered maintenance hole. He ended up in a coma where he was neither dead nor alive. While in The Great Beyond, he later escaped to The Great Before. A place where souls go before. He meets 22 a soul who have been in the great beyond for many years.22 believes that going to earth is pointless and they do not want to go. Joe was assigned by Jerry a counselor at the youth seminar to help 22 find their spark and turn their badge into an earth pass. Joe explains to 22 that he needs to get back to earth that is when they meet moonwind. Moonwind has not died but he is in the zone. When people are really interested in something and it makes you feel like you are in another place they go to The Zone. A space between physical and spiritual. Moonwind thinks he knows a way back to earth for Joe but what happens next will reveal it all.

Soul has been rated an 8.1/10 on IMDb. Soul reminds us that life itself is a blessing. Some people take that for granted. This movie was produced by Pete Doctor and Dana Leigh Murray. This film is a part of the Disney and Pixar family. This movie teaches People many things such as not wasting time. Wasting time does not mean doing something during class to make the time pass. It means Doing something in your life that you do not want to be doing. Like a construction worker who builds banks wants to build houses instead, but he/she does not realize that. Soul Is a family comedy movie. Soul should be recommended to someone who is interested in the before and after life. Soul is a great inspiration to help people rethink what they are or want to do in life. Many people may think what they are doing is what you want to do for the rest of your life, but it is not. This movie is a combination of skills, feelings, and inspiration.