Power to Online Teaching

The Struggles and benefits Coral Glades teachers are exposed towards online teaching.

While virtual learning remains a difficult platform to navigate, some benefits help make the platform more productive. With each occurring school day, the ongoing curriculum of students was carried out easily. However, in early 2020, COVID-19 made the country come to a sudden halt. Many schools closed for a period of time, planning the next steps towards teaching students virtually.

While online learning may benefit some, many teachers do struggle with the new fundamentals towards teaching students. The different circumstances of various students make it quite challenging for teachers to implement a learning style for all participants. This makes the experience exhausting, as students also have their own obstacles to overcome.

A teacher might want the class to partake in an activity using some materials, helping them grow and learn more. For example, if students do not have these items at their home, it can be quite difficult for everyone to participate. Complications and issues in online learning start to stack up, therefore slowing the whole process down. But as the school year continues, teachers have started to get used to the system, making the process better. The future is very uncertain as to how students will be taught in the following years. For now, many have stated that it is better to adapt to these new regulations.

Coral Glades High School has tried to ease the online experience for teachers, including an array of small, but new technological advancements. Teachers have been integrating laptops and desktops to have a better control of the class. A new set of cameras have been appointed to various teachers. From the perspective of the students, they help see the background better, in case a teacher would like to show their whiteboard. They can automatically zoom in and zoom out when necessary.

“Online learning is very exhausting, and it can be very hard to adapt to a new experience and get students the same feel you would get in class,” teacher Kim Kessler said. “As a science teacher, you want students to do labs, and it can be hard to figure that out.”

In the second semester of 2020, online learning and teaching aspects of school were very rudimentary and basic. This year, many improvements were made to make the experience overall better. It is very uncertain whether teachers will have to resort to this learning style in the future. However, it is possible to see a trend of more improvements as the months go by. As teachers continue to teach their classes, we might see traces of virtual learning implemented when students return to in-person classes.