How Covid-19 Changed The World

A flashback through 2020 and the struggles the world has faced since Covid-19

Sarah Blau, staff writer

Flashback to before quarantine, no one thought Covid- 19 would make its way to the United States. We were unaware of what was going to happen. Only a couple of people started wearing masks, but the majority of people didn’t think much of it. On March 16th, Broward county made the call to close all public schools. Students became thrilled at the thought of an extended spring break, unknowing rejoicing to what would be considered the new reality.

When the school district shut down for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year most were excited, but juniors became anxious about what their senior year would look like. During the beginning of online school, students became excited because there would be less drama, waking up early was no longer a problem, and the assignments started to lessen. However, once April came along, students began to miss walking the halls with friends and catching up at lunch with friends. The thrill of online schooling quickly turned into pure misery.

The inability to go outside did spark some creativity for many. Many viral TikTok trends were made, for example, new food recipes, like whipped coffee. Others were cutting bangs for their hair out of boredom. Spending time with yourself and just being able to have fun on your own, sounds fun right? Unfortunately, this feeling didn’t last forever.

Reality started to kick in, this is what we had to call the “new norm”. Toilet paper and paper towels were sold out at every grocery and drugstore. Masks were very hard to find as well; it was crazy. We had to say goodbye to hanging out with friends, this virus is dangerous and real.

When Summer rolled around, the excitement that would usually occur was not there. Students realized summer would involve the same routine as the school year did, and that was staying home all day. There was nothing special about it, it just felt like another boring day to relive again. Nothing to look forward to. Freshmen were set back because they didn’t know what was to come. With barely enough time to remember their schedule, freshmen had to guide themselves through this challenging process. The students were at a loss with no knowledge of when school would open their doors back up.

Having to do e-learning was not an easy transition, at first many students found it was difficult to adjust in a short amount of time. Many students and teachers were running into different technology problems. Some still haven’t fully adjusted and don’t like this way of schooling, while others prefer it. It can be difficult for some to interpret teaching over a team’s call. Personally, online school is much more difficult, as it is much harder to focus on my studies.

To shed some light on this situation we are all in, things are starting to look brighter for the next school year. Many people have gotten vaccinated and more people are going to in-person school. Hopefully, we can all go back to safely learning from school. But for now, we must abide by the rules and wear our masks, so that hopefully we will be allowed to ditch the masks and stop the spread once and for all.