Nothing Weirder Then This

Students getting creative with their Microsoft Teams background images

Vanessa Matza, Staff writer

Since the new district rule was sent out stating that students are required to turn their cameras on, students and teachers are revealing their interesting backgrounds when they turn the camera on. This is if they don’t put a background on Teams that blocks our view of the student’s actual background. But even some of those backgrounds can be strange. Given the option to feature their own backgrounds, students choose to get creative and display interesting backgrounds. Some backgrounds displayed have shocked students and teachers.

Starting Dec. 2, students were required to turn their cameras on for attendance and instruction. This was issued so teachers can see what students are doing and make sure they are there and paying attention to the lesson. As the days progressed after this rule was put in place, students kept getting more creative with their backgrounds. Some students use the option to put their own photo as a background to express themselves and what they like. Keeping backgrounds appropriate, students had much fun creating a new background every day.


I haven’t seen anything weird but I’ve seen people sleeping on camera,”

— freshman, Sarah Blau said


During the course of the year, there have been some weird yet funny displays the students have come up with. Most students tend to choose to display backgrounds or blur their surroundings, preventing other classmates and teachers from viewing their at-home life. An example could be a parent or sibling walking in or strange posters/paintings on the wall. Most students who have anything “weird” on the walls of their room would most likely not face the camera toward the object. It’s getting rarer to see things in student’s cameras because they also like to point the camera toward the ceiling. But some ceiling fans can be strange too.


I’ve seen someone leave and their little brother made faces and noises at the camera, ”

— freshman, Sam Franco said


By allowing students to display their own creative backgrounds, this makes online learning a little more interesting. Students log in and are excited to see a new background of a funny meme or a younger sibling in a diaper. It brings a more funny turn to online schooling.