Quarantine Mistakes?

Unnecessary purchases during quarantine

Angelique Bergamini, Features editor

We all can be impulsive spenders sometimes, especially when boredom reaches its peak. 2020 could be awarded the most boring year of all time. When the virus began to spread and the country was told to stay home, people began to lean on the internet, as it became one of the only entertaining sources available.


As the months dragged along and the stores stayed closed, people began to browse the internet and somehow always ended up on Amazon. Online shopping became a coping mechanism to relieve the stress built up from staying home. Remaining locked in the house takes a toll on a person’s mental state, and people began to search for ways to deal with isolation. Almost everyone in America has access to the internet and is drawn towards it when there is nothing else to do.


When people become bored they crave some sort of excitement, and who doesn’t get excited to see the UPS driver approaching their door with a package. New products pop up on social media every day and due to the insane amount of time people were (still are) spending on the internet, buying unnecessary products became more frequent. Whether from Amazon, Target, or Walmart, online shopping became random and completely unnecessary.


I would definitely say I found myself online shopping more now than I usually do and I have definitely bought some unnecessary items that I just like. Seeing the online clearance section and clicking purchase cause I’m like why not. I find myself shopping at my regular stores like forever 21 and garage but I’ve definitely been shopping at shein way more since the pandemic. ”

— Senior Ivanna Washington said.



Boredom is one of the worst states to be in. It can lead to irrational decisions and a damaged bank account. When the country was shut down people didn’t know what to do with themselves or how to handle the loneliness of quarantine. It became too easy to get lost on a store’s website and click purchase. It gave people that thrill they were so desperately desiring because purchasing new products added joy to people’s lives. Trying out that new kitchen appliance or putting together that new desk, brought an excitement that ultimately did not last, which is why people fell into the recurring cycle of online shopping.


Amazon became all the rave, due to the fact people can buy almost anything they search for. If someone wants a led light for their toilet, that can be purchased in a matter of minutes. The possibilities are endless on Amazon, and people began to tell themselves that it was okay to purchase these random items because “it was just this one time”. That one time turned into fifty if not more for some people. The boredom brought absurdity because people began to believe they needed new products, but in reality, they needed some sort of distraction from being locked in a house all day.


Shopping has become too easy. By allowing bored people access to any store they are interested in, it makes wasting money way too easy. As stores reopen, people are now beginning to realize what impulsive spender’s they were in 2020. Now that people can leave their house to go to the mall, they will start to rethink that underwater speaker that would hold no place in their home, because when people are not bored out of their minds, they tend to make more rational decisions. When boredom strikes next time, disconnect your internet.