Helping Haiti, in Action!


As Coral Glades High School starts the new school year, a variety of clubs and organizations have started to create new service projects for the benefit of others. More specifically, groups of people have started to create projects to help those in need. Coral Glades’ own Latinos in Action started a food collection to help those affected by the earthquake in Haiti that happened in August 2021.

Latinos in Action has done food collection for various reliefs in the past. Not only do they strive to empower the Latino youth, but also contribute to the community by having dates to collect goods. In the fall of the 2019-2020 school year, Latinos in Action kindly collected canned goods and hygiene supplies to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian. On December 13, 2020, Latinos in Action provided a family in need with gifts that they had on their own Wishlist. The young boys were very happy to receive their first, very own bicycles. 

Latinos in Action is always looking for ways to help communities in the best way possible. Unfortunately, the world will always have people in desperate need due to natural disasters or financial problems. The group has demonstrated multiple times that they vow to help in any way, shape, or form. The food collection is also set to start on September 17, 2021. One other benefit of the food collection is how it will take place for multiple days, giving members a bigger time frame to contribute. The officers of Latinos in Action have been ecstatic to start contributing to people who have been suffering from various disasters.

“We came up with the idea following the 7.2 earthquake which struck Haiti on the 14th of August,” senior and president Otto Patria said. “Haiti has been suffering in recent years due to natural disasters and political issues, with this earthquake worsening things. This gives us a chance to help those struggling to keep going.”

The supplies are all being managed by Coral Glades High School, to which they will then be sent to FFTP (Food For The Poor). Latinos in Action asks for people to donate items such as feminine hygiene products, baby food, cereal, first-aid items, shelf-stable milk, and more. Boxes for these donations have been placed in the front office. However, there are also boxes in various classrooms, such as Ms. Schoen’s.

“I think the overall impact of the food collection is a positive one, and I believe we will help many people in need,” senior Maria Mantilla said. “I think people will be helped greatly by being provided with essentials that we can gather such as hygiene products and food, which due to the earthquake, some communities might have lost. We gathered this idea after we saw how badly the earthquake affected Haiti, and we wanted to be a helping hand.” Mantilla said.

Essentially, Latinos in Action is doing a very warm-hearted act through the food collection. Through this and past experiences, they have proven to continuously try all their efforts to contribute the most to various reliefs. It seems Latinos in Action will continue to do generous acts with the assistance of their members and the rest of the school.