Blitzing Through COVID-19’s Shadow


The school has been abuzz with the football team’s recent stroke with COVID-19. When several members of the team were diagnosed with COVID, the team itself was shut down for a few days, and those who had to be in quarantine were. Other team members who were vaccinated had a different story. So far no official comment has been made by the team nor by their coach. Until now.

Quarantine can be a very difficult thing. Your loved ones having to stay away because of something that you never wanted. Having to stay in your home after finally being able to get out and regain some semblance of normalcy. Even afterwards when you’re finally out of quarantine, others will still be overly cautious around you. You’ll understand yet it will be difficult not to take it personally. However, everyone feels differently about every situation. There is no such thing as an un-unique experience. When Assistant Coach Torres was asked about how the quarantine of the varsity team affected them, he said,  “It affected us because of the fact that those players had to sit out as well. In the initial case, the team had to shut down for a couple days. But otherwise, and confidence wise it still hasn’t broken anything. We still have a goal to meet and we’re on the same page on that front to meet that goal this season.” The quarantine of the team hasn’t halted them one bit.

Nevertheless, the Assistant Coach isn’t a player. Thankfully, some of the players who got out of quarantine were asked the same question. “During quarantine I was completely fine. Getting COVID wasn’t all that bad for me personally. So, I still feel good about the season,” senior, Kenyon Carne said. Another player in the same situation, Elijah Lopez (11th grade), said, “I had COVID, and I was out for a week. After I got my negative test, everything was fine, and the team carried on. So yeah I think we’re gonna be alright.” Is this false bravado, team mentality, or the truth? Time will tell.  

Now the question on everyone’s mind…  Are the team and coach still confident about the season now that they’re two weeks behind other team? Any athlete will tell you that even three days from practice can be detrimental. Two weeks is completely different level. Stamina problems, speed problems, even strength problems are all too common. These are just problems faced by just skipping practice. Lingering symptoms are akin to a spear to the chest to an athlete. In regards to the two week hurdle, Coach Torres said,  “No because they understand what they’re supposed to do. They obviously have to take care of themselves, and their health comes first, but they also understand that they can still keep up with both their schoolwork as well as their off the field work.” The Assistant Coach seems to be confident. However, a team is nothing without its players… Literally.

The team captain, Joseph Rispoli (12th grade), was asked the very same question. And in short but sweet words he said, “I’m still confident because the guys come back after a couple weeks.” O captain my captain! Well said. “I feel pretty confident. I feel like we have to get ourselves together and we’re gonna be straight.”  Elijah Lopez (11th grade), also has something to say about this. The team is alive and well even after COVID’S plight reached them.       

  Any sports team is more than nervous about each game they play. No one can see into the future; anything can happen out in the field. No matter the amount of preparation, failure is still a probability. Nevertheless, success is always an equal or greater probability. No matter the obstacle, our team will climb  and persevere in both victory and defeat. Good luck team.