Volleyball is Back!


The girls’ volleyball season kicked off with a bang and the team has a total of 6 wins and 2 losses. Their game on 9/20 Hallandale, Mariyana Cardwell received player of the game. She is one of the only freshmen on the girls’ varsity team and she has received player of the game 2 times this season. Although the girls’ junior varsity team didn’t start playing until October, they held a neutral no-conference match on the first of September and Coral Glades lost the match by only one point. But this does not have an impact on the team’s overall record because in a no-conference match, the teams are a combination of players from both teams competing against one another. The girls’ varsity volleyball team has 46 attack attempts with only 7 attack errors. There is a technique in volleyball called digging where you save the ball at the last second to prevent it from hitting the ground. The girls’ varsity team had 89 dig attempts with 19 dig errors. These stats show that the girls should do well in their game tonight against the Stoneman Douglas Eagles.

There already have been very great matches this year where the girls came back miraculously. For example, their win against the Coral Springs Colts they came back in only 5 sets. The head coach of the team Kaitlin Ledbetter had this to say about the great comeback that they had “It was such a proud moment for me to see them fight and come back to win after being down two sets to start.” she explained to the “Coral Springs Talk” newspaper.

This season is very different from last year’s season with the Covid-19 Pandemic. Last year the Varsity team had only 11 members a part of the team and this year they have increased to 14. This year with their new coach the team has 6 wins and 2 losses, but last year with the conflict of COVID-19 and their old coach Elizabeth Sloan. Although I would not blame it on the coach because the team did very well the season prior to the 20-21 season having a record of 15 wins and 3 losses. 

But keep on the lookout for more fantastic wins from the girls’ varsity team in the future. Also keep on the lookout for the boys’ volleyball team which is starting in April of 2022 so get ready Jaguars!