Engineering at its Fullest!


The Engineering club is a great way to get involved in a school club if you like putting your engineering skills to the test. In the Engineering club, students get to compete against other schools from Broward County. The club meets every Monday after school from 2:50 to 3:50 in room 334. Mr. Kimelstien is the club’s director, Engineering teacher, as well as running the STEM club.

Some machines the club will be building this year range from Aerospace to robotics. Flight Endurance is when participants analyze flight principles with a rubber band powered by a modeled aircraft. Hydro rockets are when participants apply aerodynamic principles and construction methods to design and build a rocket that will achieve the longest hang time without use of a parachute. Students also have a chance to design a logo for the club that shows multipurpose graphics. Manufacturing CNC is when participants apply their design and manufacturing knowledge to design an entertaining game and successfully document and create a prototype. Trebuchet is when participants apply their knowledge of simple and complex machines to design, construct and test a Trebuchet powered by a counterweight or a catapult powered by torsion. Robotics search and rescue is when participants create a mobile robot designed to secure an area by locating, neutralizing, moving and disposing of explosive materials. Bridge design is when participants build a model of a bridge that reflects knowledge of strength and construction concepts. CO2 Dragster is when participants design and produce a fast CO2 powered dragster using certain materials.

All of these are examples of activities students in this club get to experience and participate with hands-on. “I think the engineering club provides good opportunities to create fun projects, and learn real world applications” says Brayden Hoskins, Freshmen.  “I think the engineering club is a great way for students to show off their skills and make new friends,” Says Abigail Forsyth, Freshman.