Replacing the FSA


On Tuesday, September 14th 2021, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced a plan to remove the Florida Standards Assessment for the 2022-2023 school year. He believes that the FSA is outdated and is not effective in monitoring students’ understanding.

Instead, he proposes a new system called Florida Assessment of Student Thinking, or FAST for short. FAST would be three personalized assessments taken in the fall, winter and spring instead of at the end of the school year. The FSA usually takes a few hours throughout  two to four days for students to complete and goes over all of the content learned over the school year. The test is based on memorization and mastery of the subject(s). Alternatively, the F.A.S.T would be short assessments that require little to no studying. The FAST assessment focuses on what students are actually learning and understanding instead of grading them on their memory and understanding.

The FAST has received overwhelming support since DeSantis’s announcement. Many students believe that the lack of a FSA test would be much easier on their mental health. When told about FAST sophomore Faith Kwong said “That sounds okay, I think that idea is better than the FSA.” Light assessments that are not scored for anything are an appealing idea to many students. Various students favor FAST over the FSA because the governor’s new plan is making it “seem less like a test as it would make students feel more comfortable,” says junior Mark Bohacek.

The Florida Standards Assessment has been used since 1971; in 2021 the governor plans to replace the assessment due to it being outdated. The previously interviewed Florida students are in support of this possible change in hopes it will alleviate their stress from the FSA and provide a better learning experience.