Home Movies v.s Theatre Movies

Home Movies v.s Theatre Movies

Ahh, a day of fresh relaxation, comical situations, and film. Movies are the route of relaxation and euphoric pleasure for many people. After a long day of hard work, school, or even sports most people look for the solidified enjoyment of entertainment to leave their outside problems, outside. A movie theater represented by a large building that includes a wide variety of seating for patrons to gravitate toward the large screen for films, however due to the continuous rise in the pandemic case numbers, more people have gravitated toward home screening instead. Home screening so far has gifted many the opportunity to be comfortable in their own atmosphere, as well as provide a larger range of movies than a normal movie theater offers.

“I was 12 going on 13 the first time I saw a dead human being.” Believe it or not, this quote is captivated in the top 15 best movie lines. The first words that are enticed by the screen seem to captivate the interest of the human mind, specifically for those in a movie theater. Those who often choose to be seated in a movie theater tend to befriend the audience, where everyone in the theater is determined by the power of film regarding the tone in the movie or the foreshadowing in the beginning of the movie that reveals to a secret ending. In-person movies offer HD quality picturing that makes it easier to view and it makes the viewer feel within the set atmosphere. When it comes to viewing quality at home, most viewers tend to have a GPU card, which is fully integrated into a SOC board, while movie theater quality is offered in 4k, which is 8.8 megapixels. I know, it may not sound the best hearing it out loud, but in the perspective of motion viewing it makes a world of a difference. The world of cinema offers perfect lighting, no commercials, and saves you the cost of ordering premium services from third party apps that require you add in your special information for a free “trial”. However, through the use of all the pros of technological advancement in the theaters, is this really what the people want?

Taxes! The ideal question surrounding the theater industry is the cost. Everyone does enjoy a good movie, who doesn’t? But, no one is made of money. Movies are used for relaxation, so why spend upwards of $50 each time at the movie theater, when one can access the same film for less. With the cost of tickets varying on age and the ridiculous pricing on movie theater snacks you can spend on your loved ones at home. Home movie watching is a more convenient tool for those who arrive home later in the day, especially, because they are able to pause the movie whenever inclined, watch the movie whenever you want, and you don’t have to worry about select seating options. The only seating to worry about is which side of the couch to sit on. Even though movie theaters do tend to offer great quality of speakers, the voice of the audience may draw out important key impacts of the movie, which can be annoying and distracting for some, since they paid to watch a movie. Having a variety of movies to choose from and snacks at home just for you is one of the ultimate satisfaction for cinephile individuals.  

“I enjoy watching movies at the theater, the reason why is because I get to hang out with my friends at the theater. The major concern I have for watching movies at the theater is the fact that there can be annoying people sitting near you, either talking, or using their phone while the movie is playing. My major concern I have for watching movies at home is that most of the time, you’ll have to use the restroom and miss part of the movie, then you’ll have to remember where you left off on the movie when you left. The one that offers the most cons in my opinion is the movie at home” seni0r G Andreas said.

Other students have different perspectives on this topic as well. “It depends on the situation, but I prefer movies at home, because there is a bigger variety of movies to select from and it offers a comfortable setting. I have no general concerns on each term of movie theaters or home movies, because I am not worried about the cons and the threats that are greeted in select situation. In my personal opinion, Movie Theaters offer more cons than pros, because of the general pricing. You can spend $4 on a movie from Amazon, while you spend $20 on a movie, then plus the snack fee at the end of the day it is most definitely not worth it,” senior Ryan Guevara said.

In conclusion, both the movie theater and home theater atmospheres can provide both pros and cons in everyday life. However, both involve the release of satisfaction and now in 2021, movie theaters offer “Theatres on Demand” for you to rent or buy your favorite movie. Still, is this the best? All that matters is that movies bring us a sense of closure to our imagination and embrace the changes within hard courtships of our life that provide escapism, because laughter is the best medicine! Pssp, now which side are you on?