Caribbean Islands, Come Forth!


Among the various clubs offered at Glades, many of them have the ambition to spread awareness of various types of cultures from all around the world. These ambitions also come in the form of classes, where courses such as French and Spanish will also discuss cultures embedded within many parts of the world. However, with the 2021-2022 school year bringing bigger opportunities to do in-person events compared to last year, there is a bigger incentive for teachers and students to start up new clubs. This year, a new club known as the CSA (Caribbean Students Association) will value the aspects of the Caribbean region.

Essentially, the CSA vows to focus on raising awareness about the cultural diversity of all Caribbean nations. The Caribbean islands are located southeast of the Gulf of Mexico, in which they are filled with a variety of cultures that are worth talking about. The CSA’s that exist across various schools put in the effort to explain the differences in all the islands.

“When I was reached out about sponsoring the Caribbean Students Association, I was excited,” Ms. Coy said. “I think that the Caribbean islands should deserve a lot of recognition through serviceable acts”.

The first CSA meeting that took place on September 30th, 2021 had introduced members all to the different activities the club was planning to do. Not only students from Caribbean backgrounds had attended the meeting, but also students from other ethnicities showed up as well. The CSA will incorporate Caribbean related service projects to not only spread awareness, but also give their members a good amount of service hours. They will also try to incorporate a variety of other projects such as food collections and harvest drives.

The CSA seems extremely thoughtful towards all of the Caribbean cultures. One interesting act they did during the first meeting was offer members several drinks and snacks from Jamaica, such as “Ti-gaz” chips and “Bigga” pineapple flavored soda. Members stated that the snacks and drinks were extremely delicious. The CSA will also offer officer positions through a google form and a small interview with Ms. Coy. They will offer almost every position, such as vice president, secretary, treasurer, and more.

Finally, the CSA played a Kahoot during the meeting to showcase Caribbean related questions. The Kahoot would focus on Caribbean representation around the world, asking questions over flags, food, culture, language translation, and even famous singers. 

It is safe to assume that the CSA will continue to empower those in Caribbean communities. A good 30 people showed interest in the club, while some even asked questions about the club in general and asked for further elaboration. As a first year organization at Coral Glades, its sponsor, members, and officers will continue to show care towards the future.