DECA’s Boston Power Trip


DECA is a one of the biggest clubs in the Jungle so far to the point people call it a cult. The club introduces students to learn marketing with sales and customer plans. Recently, “DECA’s Boston Power Trip” was suddenly announced and has had many of the DECA members curious and eager to go. Carly Ginn, DECA’s class president who is going on the trip said, “I’m really excited to go on my first out of state school trip and explore a new city with all my friends.”

The trip is supposed to help guide students in the right direction in order to understand more about how they can fully “Maximize their Momentum” which is this years DECA slogan. Throughout the club and the competitions. Teacher of DECA class and sponsor for DECA, Drew Goldfinger, made a statement talking about the true experience of the trip. He states, “On the Boston Power Trip students will be participating in not only networking sessions, but also learning sessions related to different college and career based skills.”

The trip’s dates were publicized to all students a part of DECA online. The trip will be from Friday, November 19th to Sunday, November 21st. Students will fly to Boston, Massachusetts in an airplane, before getting to hotels. Along with the airfare and hotel expenses, DECA’s Power Trip also includes Boston Celtics tickets, charter bus transportation, tour of Fenway Park, conference registration, New England Aquarium, and visits to Boston Commons and Faneuil Hall.  

For a total price of $850 all expenses paid by the students would be able to meet people and enjoy the experience of going to Boston with their peers and friends. The trip is nonrefundable and only exclusive to members of DECA, however it is a great way for students to truly understand the meaning and importance of the DECA course. It gives them the ability to learn more about it along with their classmates and the opportunity not every student gets.