Employee of the Year Award

Mrs.Eidson received the coveted Employee of the year award!


On September 20th , Christine Eidson won the coveted Employee of the Year Award. Eidson is the Administrative Secretary for both Mr. Wood and Mrs. Bernstein. On top of that she tracks attendance; coordinates substitute teachers, service hour records, and textbook distribution, and is somehow also handling something on the phone 24/7. Unlike some of the faculty at The Jungle, Mrs. Eidson is here year-round, and you would guess so with the impact she has on this school. Eidson receiving this award demonstrates that all her hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. The Employee of the Year Award and Teacher of the Year Award, won by Mrs. Pein, (link to Mrs.Pein’s teacher of the year award)are voted on by their peers at The Jungle.

Students, staff, and teachers alike are always brightened by her presence whether it’s being welcomed into Mrs. Bernstein’s office or submitting their service-hour sheets; it is no doubt that this was well-deserved. With things as small as her cute desk decor, inspirational quotes, such as “life is better when you’re laughing,” located in her office in the upstairs blue hallway, her infectious smile and laugh, she is sure to bring a smile to your face. Although Dr. Kaplan didn’t solely pick Mrs. Eidson, he is truly pleased and isn’t shocked by her earning this honor. “She is one of the kindest and most-dedicated members of our staff – always has a smile and always has a positive attitude. We are lucky to have her at The Jungle” – Dr. Kaplan. Mrs. Eidson even humbly joked that she doesn’t like all the attention, but she does appreciate it. Even with her many responsibilities she handles on a day-to-day, Mrs. Eidson still remains caring, patient, silly, humble, and most important laughing throughout, even with her very busy role. Who knew the person collecting our service hours, was the one giving the most. Luckily her hard work and dedicated doesn’t go unnoticed ultimately leading to her award.