She’s All That versus He’s All That


The infamous She’s All That. This film features Freddie Prinze Jr. (Zach) and Rachael Leigh Cook (Laney). Recently, there was a remake starring Addison Rae (Padgett) and Tanner Buchanan (Cameron) called He’s All That. There are very noticeable differences between the two, but the remake stuck to its original name. Each movie’s plot was written with a very popular individual (Addison & Freddie) and an outcast (Tanner & Rachael). The story goes as a bet between two popular people consisting of a challenge to change the outcast to become the next prom king/queen. Originally, in the first movie, our main characters had similar interests in art. In the new remake, the main characters had opposite interests such as being an influencer and photography; also, the roles are reversed. The cute love story between the four is what catches all our interests.

She’s All That

The original; the blueprint. Our beloved “She’s All That” is the first movie to come out between the two in 1999. The story goes about a very well-known student named Zach who just got broken up with by his popular ex-girlfriend Taylor. He needs his popularity back, so he needs a new girl by his side. No one is as popular as Taylor, so it’s time to make someone as known as she is. Here is where Laney comes in; she is very artistic and outcasted at the school. She is known as the ‘nerd’. So, Zach and his friends place a bet; his friend Dean chooses the girl and Zach needs to make her the next Prom Queen. Dean chooses our Laney Boggs.

Zach tries to get closer to Laney, and it’s clearly not working at the start. They start hanging out with each other more often, and they warm up quickly. As time goes by, Zach starts to gain feelings for her. He quickly realizes that she’s better than he thought.

He’s All That

The 2021 remake “He’s All That” is almost exactly like She’s All That but the roles are reversed, and each person’s story is a bit different. Our main character Padgett is a semi-famous influencer who posts about beauty tips and daily vlogs. Our outcast, Cameron, is interested in photography. Padgett has the same story as Zach; her boyfriend Jordan cheated, causing her to lose her reputation. She needed a rebound, or as they called it, a test. Same events happened as well; her friends made a bet and picked the guy (Cameron) so she could make him Prom King. 

Padgett starts speaking to Cameron, genuinely confusing him. She starts meeting up with him at certain places like the horse stable, or even his house. Like Zach and Laney, they start hanging out more often and they both start to realize they are catching feelings for each other. 


In my opinion, the first movie was well coordinated, and the story line made sense. I personally feel that in the second movie, the story was out of place meaning that nothing completely made sense. Overall, the movie was not terrible, but the choice of actors could have been better. Both movies were very good, and I do recommend that you watch both.