Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is a series that started on March 27, 2005, and they are currently still making new episodes that talk about real life situations that can happen in a hospital. In this series Meredith Grey is sort of narrating her life as a worker in the hospital along with all the drama. Most of the series takes place in Seattle Grace Hospital where Meredith and her co-workers work side by side. These doctors were faced with life or death situations almost every episode and by doing this they have presented what it might be like in an actual hospital.

In the most recent season of Grey’s Anatomy, they touched on COVID-19. By doing this they made the show on the topic of real life problems, making it more appealing to viewers. The season that had to do with covid was their 17th season and it was let out when American were still in quarantine, and covid cases were high. In this season they presented how these doctors would handle all this stress with covid. Meredith ended up getting covid, as here and her co-workers debated ways to treat her case as she was in and out of consciousness. This gave a really real feel to the show to anyone who had a family member or friend who had gotten covid.

Many people around the school have said that they enjoy the show Grey’s Anatomy. They have also said that the show has inspired them to want to do something in the medical field. Several students have expressed that they liked the newest season [the covid season] because it goes off of real topics and many shows don’t necessarily do that like Grey’s Anatomy did. Students have also expressed that they would love if another season would come out for Grey’s Anatomy. Many students at Coral Glades said “I love the show and it has inspired me to look into medical skills as a profession”.