Two Jags Make it on the Broward County All-Star Football Team!

Two of our very own football players make the Broward County All-Star football team to go against Miami-Dade.

Two of our very own jaguar football players made their way onto the Broward County All-Star team to go against the Miami Dade All-Star team this year! Dylan Knaebel and Joseph Rispoli were the 2 Seniors selected for the team. Dylan Knaebel, the QB on the team and one of the seniors selected for the team said this when asked how he felt about making the All-Star team “I’d say I feel honored to receive the invite to play, I’ve put in a lot of work and have always been Grinding to reach something like this”. He explains that he has been working hard on this moment and putting in work and hours to get to the highest spot he can be. Dylan also explains that he has been playing football for about 10 years since he was 7 years old, so this has been a long time coming for him to make a team like this.

According to Dylan Knaebel, he was one of the first people to be offered to play on the team. He has been working hard and it really shows in his stats. Dylan in his junior year last year had a total of 1012 total recorded passing yards and had a total of 12 passing touchdowns. He really did show that even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that he was working hard to perfect his skill at football.

On the other hand, Joseph Rispoli who is the outside linebacker and fullback on the team has really done a lot for the football team in his past years and his stats show that. With a total of 37 tackles, 5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and one fumble recovered all in just his sophomore season of playing. His stats show that he should be one of the people for this All-Star team.