Punting the Competition Away


With it officially being fall, sports beginning in the winter have commenced their training, including none other than the Lady Jags soccer team. The girls won the District Championship- Runner Up position last year, leaving them eager to get their hands on the trophy this year. 

The team faced many hardships last year, such as losing multiple talented seniors and dealing with regulations that came with playing a sport during a global pandemic. The girls continued to push through, wearing masks whenever necessary and following the needed precautions to keep their season going. They were successful as they did not have a single Covid-19 case last season, and hope to maintain this smooth operation in the one upcoming. “Every year we set goals for the team and this year I believe one of our biggest goals would have to be showing the other teams that the past two years haven’t been a fluke”, Coach Richard Denny said.

Coach Richard Denny has given the team a complete makeover from previous years, finding the potential in these young girls and putting together a cohesive team. The Lady Jags finished their season last year with a record of 8-3, with 3 ties as well. The improvement is obvious as the team’s record has been climbing since 2017, with a record of 2-7 and one tie. 

One reason for this improvement is the coaching. Coach Denny, with the help of his sister Coach Ria Denny, work together on creating drills and plays that punt the girls onto the field with a sense of confidence and coolheadedness. Ria Denny played soccer for the University of Florida and has coached professionally for years. With their experience combined, they

Coral Glades takes pride in this team being one of the most academically focused on campus. Coach Denny believes it is crucial that the word “student” comes before “athlete,” and that the girls must sustain passing grades in order to play. To aid with time management between classes and a sport, Denny provides a study hall for the girls before practice everyday. An hour or so is set aside directly after school, allowing the players to at least get a start on their homework. After a long day of school and soccer practice, it is hard to find the motivation to do homework. Thus, this extra time is crucial and monitored by Denny as well. 

The girls are excited to kick off a new season and rekindle with their friends. Many players who took part in the team in previous years were unable to participate last year due to fear of the pandemic. Now, as more precautions are being taken and more has opened up, many of these players plan on returning. “I didn’t play last year because I have high risk parents. We all felt that there was a possibility of exposure and that it could be unsafe for them. Now that I and others are vaccinated it is safer and I’m super excited for the new season,” senior Claire Silcox said. 

Pre-season conditioning has started and is open to any girls who are athletically cleared and interested in getting back into shape before tryouts. Conditioning takes place on Mondays from 3:10 – 4:00pm, as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:10 – 4:30pm. Tryouts begin October 18th through the 21st. The Lady Jags hope to see new faces and good attitudes.