Bonkers for Burritos

     Have you considered venturing to find a new restaurant? Well I’ve got a place for you to try and it’s called Bubbakoo’s Burritos. It is a restaurant that lets you create your own burritos, tacos, taco bowls, nachos, and their famous type of meal called “The Chiwawa.” They have lots of other foods and desserts to choose from and a variety of toppings to choose from as well. The first restaurant was created in 2008 in New Jersey by the two owners Paul and Bill. It gained a lot of attention and in more than ten years expanded to over 50 locations. Even in the challenging economy, they still opened more restaurants and successfully provided  a place where people can eat and have a fun time. They use high quality ingredients and hire friendly staff to work their restaurant. 

They have good reviews on their website, so we had some people go to the restaurant and try their food to see if it was as good as they advertised. “When I received my food it was cold and missing the meat I asked for in the taco bowl. It was so sad to eat and really not enjoyable,” senior Emma Mandelbaum said. It’s sad to hear this when this place has been hyped up by a lot of customers. Is it really good quality food if they mess up the order?  Robert Mandelbaum, a parent,  said, “It was really disappointing. I asked for the buffalo cauliflower and jalapeno poppers and they told me they were all out. I was so excited because I heard some good reviews but was later disappointed with what they had. The people were nice but I’m pretty sure it was understaffed. I was left waiting for my food for about  30 minutes and was left unsatisfied.” 

Concluding with this information, there are a lot of different opinions about the restaurant and I think to get your own opinion you should go and check it out. Maybe it was an unlucky day or maybe they do have bad service, but I think when you go out you should consider another place to try.