Remember When…

Students often forget that teachers, were once very similar to us. They too complained
about classes, homework, and just how crowded the halls are. Teachers at the Jungle were given the opportunity to
discuss their lives in High School.
Mr. O’Neill, is a alumni of Marjory Stoneman Douglas.
Of course, his favorite year was Senior year, and his favorite class was AP U.S. history with
coincidentally his favorite teacher Ms. Hitchcock. In reference to Ms. Hitchcock, Mr. O’Neill said “I spoke
with her before this year began when I told I was teaching U.S. history this year.” When asked
on a scale of one to ten how popular he was, one being the kid in the back who eats glue, and ten
being Kanye West’s opinion of himself, he believed he was a seven. On the subject he
commented “I wasn’t in a clique; I wasn’t a drama student or a band student, I was everything”
On the atmosphere of Douglas Mr. O’Neill said it “felt like a small college” and “It was easy to
get lost”.
Mr. Lawson. He graduated from United Nations High School in Manhattan. When asked about the school mascot quite the interesting story was told. He said, “Oh god that was actually a bone of contention. My sophomore year we had a vote
schoolwide and the one who won was the pandas. We were absolutely furious because that’s not
what the majority of us wanted.” You’d think students would be giddy about as something as
cute as a Panda. Guess they’re not fierce enough for them. When asked about his popularity from
a scale of one to ten, one being Chopin to this generation and ten being Dwayne “The Rock”
Johnson, he also believed himself to be a seven out of ten. Saying he “kind of had the reputation
of a jokester.” His favorite subject was biology saying he was “a pretty good science student but
terrible at math.” Proving once again mathematics, is the subject you either hate or your crazy about. His school
went from first grade all the way to twelfth grade. According to him about 43 people graduated
from there that have been there since the first grade. He also keeps in touch with many of them.
If only we were all so lucky.
Mr. Kimelstein, came from Center Reach High School in Long Island, New
York. Kimelstein didn’t really have a favorite teacher there and couldn’t remember what the school
mascot was. He believes that the mascot was likely the Cougars which turned out to be true.
Math was his favorite subject, which makes sense for an engineering teacher. On a scale of one
to ten, one being Justin Bieber after 2019 and 10 being Justin Bieber before 2019, he said he was
probably a five.

Mr. Puddie , went to three separate high schools in his lifetime. The first one he went to was Martin Van Buren High School in queens, the second one was Forest Hills High School, finally in his senior year his family moved to Fort
Lauderdale and went to Boren Addison High School. His Favorite class was “always history”
although he never had a favorite teacher. Boren Addison High School’s mascot was the cobra.
Martin Van Buren’s mascot, to his best recollection, was the patriots. His favorite year was 1985
his sophomore year. Reason being, “My mom was letting me out of the house. I had a little more
freedom. I was playing sports. My freshman year on the baseball team I sat on the bench. Wasn’t
a lot of play. Freshman year on my football team, I was able to play a couple of games because I
was able to replace an injured player. Sophomore year I really began to thrive and just enjoy high
school.” In his high school years cliques were very defined. They all dressed the same according
to him. He said “We were all wearing jeans some denim jacket or leather jacket. Athletic wear
was just becoming popular as wearing normally. Verses not during just PE. Sneakers were
becoming a big thing now. Puma, Adidas, Nike, Fila, British Knights.” When asked about school
spirit he said, “There was basically no teaching going on that Friday.” He also said, “there were
barbecues around the street.” A high school team had 30,000 people inside a stadium.

Every book has its first chapter. Every race has a beginning line. So too does every
human being on this earth. Students so often forget that teachers were once one of us a student. Husting bell to
bell in classes they either hate or love. An infinite wealth of stories can be brought forth, If only
you asked them to remember when.