Need help with Spanish?

¿Necesitas ayuda con el español?

  Need Español help ?  Stop by Mrs.Sandmire’s classroom 434 and to learn Spanish words and have a conversation with a Spanish speaker. Students will also learn about the Hispanic culture.  This great idea allows students in middle and high school who are not fluent Spanish speakers to help them with their  assignments.Since in order to graduate all students must take at least two years of a foriegn language. And since The Jungle is in South Florida interactions with Spanish speakers are extremely common so this is a great opportunity to communicate with Spanish speakers.

Why should you learn Spanish? By learning Spanish, you will be a better communicator with Spanish speakers. Most importantly your language skills will enable you to interact with English Language learners. Helps with jobs because it will increase your chance of being hired since you know a secondary language. This will help Spanish speaking customers to be able to communicate with you.Usually  the tutoring lasts about 45- to 1 hour depending on what the student needs help with. Let’s say for example there is a new student in your class and he is from South America and no one in your class knows how to speak Spanish but you do this will help the student succeed in the class and even better you can make friends with him since you know his language. 

 Yes, there are pros and cons like everything in life but this language can be hard to learn since it contains a lot of vocabulary and grammar but you have to try in life to succeed is the only way you will get somewhere in life. We must realize that Spanish is a global language spoken by millions in this world so it would make it easier in life and in general if we all knew English and Spanish it would be easier in life. Lastly By participating in Spanish tutoring you can receive up to 3 service hours by attending or helping other students. This is a great advantage so take advantage!