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Putting the State Champs Cheer team in the Spotlight

At the recent pep rally everyone was able to see the football cheerleaders perform. Without a doubt they put on a great performance, getting the audience into a prideful mood. While typically in the support role the cheerleaders of Coral Glades deserve to be put into the spotlight.

There are three different types of cheer at Coral Glades, basketball, football, and competition cheer. The basketball and football cheerleaders are, shockingly, cheerleaders for either basketball or football. The competition cheer squad will typically comprise of cheerleaders from both the basketball and football teams. Those who make the team will spend plenty of time practicing and perfecting a routine and then travelling to competitions. The competition cheer group has had plenty of success, having won 6 state championships which included a streak of 3 straight. One of these titles under the coaching of current football coach Alison Madej. Raul Lopez, a freshman at the time the competition cheer won their last title, said “The school really didn’t care. Neither the student body or the faculty even cared.” This if even somewhat true is a travesty, as a state championship in any sport should be greatly appreciated, even if it’s semi-competitive speed walking. Why not an assembly where the team recreates their winning routine, and everyone watches as they raise the banner with the championship year. Yes, this will cost some academic time but certainly something as monumental as a state championship is worth more than a simple mention on the morning announcements. The sport takes some incredible courage and talent to do well, and should not be underappreciated. Especially when said program has won three straight championships.

The sport of cheer takes incredible skill, precision and trust in your teammates. It takes a lot of strength to hold up a fellow human and equally amazing balance to stay upright. As with any sport cheer requires plenty of practice. “A typical routine at practice is to start off with stretching and move on to practicing our game day cheers and stunting.” Jenna Walker freshman.  Some of these practices could last 3 hours, and entails practices on the weekends. Constant improvement is the most important thing in sports, especially in cheer where the routines get wilder and more impressive each outing.

As mentioned before trust is a huge part of cheerleading.  “We have a strong bond, like a family” Jenna Walker. The chemistry in the team seems to be high and trust increasingly so, which is necessary for a sport which entails throwing your teammates into the air. The sport also takes plenty of teamwork, “We do lots of team bonding and everyone one the team is extremely nice and willing to help others out” Jenna Walker. To continue a program those who are older have to helps the newbies and it’s nice to see that the older cheerleaders seem to be very willing to help out. Hopefully the cheerleaders and some of the other less popular sports at our high school can begin to be much more appreciated as when one brings success to a program they should be sufficiently recognized.