Jags got Spirit

Jaguars bring out their school spirit for Homecoming !

    In the Jungle, there is a week dedicated to school spirit. This week is officially called spirit week. This tradition has been done in previous years and it has just been done for the 2021 school year. Spirit week ran from October 4th to October 8th. On each day, from Monday to Friday, students wore different clothes depending on what day it is. For example, on color wars day, students wore their grade level color.

     On Monday, it was athletes vs. mathletes day where students choose to either dress up as an athlete or a nerd (a mathlete). The athletes wore jerseys, and the mathletes wore nerd glasses and dressed formally. On Tuesday, it was all around the world day where students represented the country in which they are from. Most students who represented their country are from the United States and Colombia. Students also represented other countries, including other Latin American countries. On Wednesday, it was pajama day where students wore pajamas to school. Students could come to school in the pajamas they were wearing when they were sleeping the night before. Pajamas also included just pajama bottoms to onesies. On Thursday, it was decades day where students dressed up from different decades; for example, the 1960s. On this day of spirit week, students dress up like hippies, old school students, and other fashions. Like previously mentioned, it was color wars on Friday. On this day, freshmen wore yellow, sophomores wore blue, juniors wore red, and seniors wore green.

     At the end of spirit week, on Friday, there was a pep rally. At the event, the students were separated by grade level. In the pep rally, school groups and clubs performed with it being a thrilling experience. “It was fun,” junior Ethan Weinstock said. “It was an improvement from previous years and I’m excited for the progression for next year.” Students got to make new friends and bond with them. Students expressed their school spirit with pride.