New Security Rule for Football games

Broward County has changed the rules for football games and has tightened security.

There was an incident at Blanche Ely High School that happened back on August 26 at one of the school’s football games. At the end of the game there was a large fight and one student got stabbed. This forced the Broward County Athletics Association to make future football games provide heavier security at the games, including metal detectors to ensure no deadly weapons are brought inside the game.

The Broward County Athletic Association teams announced that there would be new protocols at games to ensure the safety of the players and spectators at the games. The protocols include increased law enforcement and security presence at each game, no re-entry will be allowed into the stadium and after leaving, and tickets will stop being sold at the start of 4th. The presence of the extra law enforcement and security will help ensure that no fights break out, like at Blanche Ely High School. Along with that the rule of not letting people back into the stadium if they leave is also important because one could go out and grab a weapon, then come back in without being checked. These rules established will certainly ensure the safety of people at the football games from now on. Alfonso Maggiolo, Grade 9, says “In my opinion, safety it is necessary and the new metal detectors shouldn’t be seen as a threat or as something taking away your liberty, it should be seen as something that provides help and prevents emergencies like the one shown from happening again, even though some people might say that it is a horrible thing to deal with, this new implementation could save a life, and it is worth it.” As Alfonso explains the added security will help prevent any further emergencies like this one from happening again.