Red Light, Green Light

Squid game popularity takes over the Jungle and Netflix !

The show with the unusual name, “Squid Game”, is the big talk around the world right now. There has been a tremendous amount of positive feedback leaving people obsessed with the show. Squid game is a nine-episode Netflix original series that was released on September 17th, 2021. Only four days after its release, it hit number 1 in the U.S. Squid game is also the first Korean drama to hit number one on Netflix. To break it down, Squid Game is a South Korean drama about surviving six Korean children’s games over six days to win a big sum of money to the winner and if you lose a game, you die immediately. The games include, Red Light Green Light, which is a popular children’s game, those who are caught moving during ‘red light’ are killed and eliminated. The second game involves trying to cut a shape out of the Korean candy called Dalgona; those who break their shape are killed. The third game was tug-of-war, the team that lost each fell to their death. For the fourth game, the players were each given a bag full of marbles and were told to play a marble game of their choice, and the loser is killed. As for the fifth game, there is a bridge with two rows of panels, each player must jump on one of two glass panels that the bridge, but only one is strong enough to hold them. The last game is the squid game, where the last two players are left. One plays offense and the other defense. They play within a squid-shaped board that is usually drawn in the dirt, then the winner wins all of the money. One actress in particular, has caught many people’s eyes by her beauty and amazing acting skills. Jung Ho-yeon, who plays Sae-Byeok, is a 27 year old South Korean actress and well-known model. Many were shocked to find out Squid Games was her first acting debut. The Netflix series has been a trending topic to all ages, especially highschool students. Senior Devon Washington says, “I think my favorite game was red light green light because it was a simple child’s game yet the price to pay if you lose was your life.” Many people were shocked to find out that losing a simple children’s game could result in your death. A lot of viewers also loved the teamwork of the groups in the show. “I think my favorite game in the show is where they were playing tug-of-war and they helped each other in order to win,” says 12th grader, Dana Abuznaid. The suspenseful Korean drama has become Netflix’s most successful “non-english show in the world,” said Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos.