We(s)t Coast

Cyclones in West Coast cause mass flooding

  Currently in the United States it is the wet season. If you don’t know what wet season is, it is a part of the year where we get the most rainfall and hurricanes. The west coast isn’t used to having much rainfall because of different climate variables but that has changed recently. During the week of Halloween a record amount of rainfall in Sacramento occurred with four inches of rain. This record hasn’t been hit since 2009 with about two and a half inches of rain. As you can see it was a tremendous increase since the last big rainfall but I can explain this. The reason with all this rainfall was because of a record breaking bomb cyclone that hit the West Coast. If you don’t know what that is, it is basically a large storm that intensifies in the span of 24 hours. The flood wasn’t fully caused by this bomb cyclone though, it was caused by the amount of rainfall that occurred that week. For a couple days before the bomb cyclone there was rainfall every day. This was abnormal having rainfall every day and on the last day was when the bomb cyclone occurred. Other things like high wind speeds and tornadoes occurred, but what affected the west coast the most was the flooding. On the last day when the bomb cyclone occurred was when tornadoes around the west coast started forming. A lot of damage occurred that week and no one was prepared. Not only is this one of the biggest storms on the west coast in a while but it was so unexpected.  Power outages occurred all across the coast and 160,000 outages were reported in California. This event was very dangerous and has had so many reprucassions since no one was prepared for this natural disaster and Coral Glades wishes the best for the survivors.