Knocking down all the pins and competition

The Bowling Team’s Outlook on Their future

The bowling team has been active for quite some time now. They recently stole a victory from Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Yet their feelings about the situation and their plans for the future of the team haven’t been revealed. 

The Bowling team’s recent win has made quite the impact on them. They haven’t been doing quite well this year so a win like this surely raised their spirits. Nevertheless, the future is a large uncertainty for the team. With the team being as small as it is, something like a member or two being gone would spell their end. One of the senior members of the team and the coach have some words on both subjects. Senior Jordan Fey says on the topic of  their recent victory, “Well we recently beat Marjory Stoneman Douglas which was a good feat in our accomplishments. Because, we lost to them the first time. We had one game in which everyone broke a hundred.” His hopes for the future of the team are, “As a senior I won’t be here next year but I hope that my friends that play next year do just as good or even better than this year.” Mrs. Garcia, the bowling team’s coach, said, “Great the kids have really tried hard this season, they’ve also had fun which is a plus. They’ve all also gotten better throughout the season.”On her hopes for the team’s future she says, “We just wanna get more kids out there. This year we had six on girls and six on boys, and we’re allowed to have eight per team. So just have more kids out there. Let them have fun. Get them out of the house.”

In the end, time stops for no one. Not the Bowling team, not anyone. The only thing they can do now is try their best throughout their season. As they march on let’s as a school support them as best we can.