Spooky Season comes to an end

This year, Halloween came in a flash with people running around trying to find the perfect costume. Many started to rush into Halloween retail stores with no time to waste, grabbing everything in sight with nothing left. Just this week alone, people are struggling to find last minute costumes or just some simple, last minute accessories. To many people, it is very enjoyable to see everyone finally all together and being involved for the first time in a year. By driving through some of your neighbors’ houses, you can see the effort they put into their house decorations. It’s amazing seeing how everyone is so involved compared to last year. The effort everyone has put in for their costumes, decorations and events makes the vibes outstanding. Sadly, last year many people were stuck at home bidding behind the recently established COVID regulations. This goes to show that more people were excited to celebrate Halloween, as many individuals were more comfortable having celebrations. Already, on October 29, students at Coral Glades were encouraged to come to school in an arrangement of creative costumes, mostly advertised by the Student Government. Friday really put us on our toes for Sunday Halloween night. Students should be excitedly ready to see all the creepy pictures from that night. Here’s what some students have to say after that night, Jaden Torres, 10th grader says, “This year i was finally able to enjoy myself including my friends and family by throwing a halloween party it made me so happy to see everyone dressed up in so many amazing things and just seeing everyone together enjoying themselves.” Another student Jeandro Wolf says, “This year was not even comparable with last halloween. Last year I had to stay home. This year I got to go trick or treating with my friends. It was really nice being able to spend time with them on our favorite holiday.”