Recess is over

Debate tournaments are back in session

The 2021-22 Debate tournaments have kicked off for our school Jaguars. The after-school tournament on October 13 was one of the recent tournaments that our school attended. This was one of the 2 after-school tournaments this year. The first scheduled one of the school year happened on the 21st but our school’s transportation had to cancel on taking our debate team to the tournament. However, the second tournament our team was able to make. The tournaments are held at Northeast High School in Oakland Park. Stoneman Douglass, American Heritage High School, and other schools in Broward County were at the tournament. Our school is in 37th place on the leaderboard against 50 of the total high schools participating in debate.

But in addition to the after-school tournaments there was also a recent Saturday tournament. These tournaments can stretch from one day on Saturday to two days then ending on Sunday. The Saturday tournaments are generally online but before the COVID-19 pandemic they were in person. This passed tournament Olivia Schwartz got second place at the SFCFL Saturday tournament. She is a junior here at Coral Glades and has been in debate since freshman year. She came in second place for the Lincoln Douglas debate category. None of our students placed in the Public Forum category. “What is the difference between Public Forum and Lincoln Douglass” you may ask, well Public Forum focuses more on things having to do with laws and policies in our government while Lincoln Douglass focuses more on the moral side of the law.

The students in class even agree that the program is very fun. Like Abel Olmo, who’s a sophomore in debate says this about the debate class “The class is fun and is a really good class to make friends in.” The class as he said is a really fun class to be social in.