Getting their Nerd On

UNC – The Safe Haven for Nerds alike


The clubs in the Jungle are nothing if not varied. The Jungle has serviced based clubs such as Latinos in Action and Key Club, educational clubs such as DECA and NHS, and recreational clubs such as Art Club and UNC. However, none compare to UNC, which is one of the most interesting and question provoking clubs.

            UNC, the United Nerd Coalition, is a club that allows students to share common interests with one another. Mainly interests of a nerdier persuasion. This includes video games, art, table-top games and more. All things that can be defined as nerdy are celebrated here.

            “We do a lot of gaming and stuff that would generally be considered nerdy. We plan trips to conventions and, as I mentioned, we have gaming tournaments. We do artsy things too, since a lot of the members are passionate about this. It’s just a place where people with shared interest can hang out. It’s pretty fun,” senior and president of UNC, Clay Andriesse said. 

            UNC represents a safe space to share interests with one another. This camaraderie between members is what makes the club so special. It celebrates having fun and enjoying your passions without any judgement.

            “I’ve had a lot of good experiences there with my friends and with the teachers. We went to a convention the previous year which was one of the greatest days of my life. We had a lot of fun. I get to do the things that I think are fun and share my interests with other like-minded people,” states Andriesse.

              At the end of the day, we all search for a safe haven. A place where you can relax. A place where you know you won’t be judged for liking things that others usually don’t. UNC is that haven for many nerds. It’s a place made with the specific purpose of fun.