Summer Walker “Still Over It” Album

Break-ups are hard, but the new Summer Walker album goes harder

Summer Walker “Still Over It” Album

Summer Walker fans have been long awaiting two years for the drop of another album. As of November 5th, their wish was granted. Summer Walker is a 25 year old R&B singer and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. She started her musical career in 2015 as a very small artist trying to make it on SoundCloud.

Summers debut studio album named “Over It” released in October of 2019, eventually reaching number two on the Billboard 200 chart and is labeled as a certified platinum record by the RIAA. She first started becoming popular with her song “Girls need Love”, that later became her first top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The Atlanta singer has everyone created much suspense for her new album. “Still Over It” is filled with songs about heartbreak, which also sparks a light and attention on her past relationship with producer “London on da Track”. The two recently had a baby girl earlier this year, however their extremely public relationship seemed to come to an end after this. Summer expresses her emotions towards this relationship and calls him out for not supporting her throughout her pregnancy and being uninvolved. This music struck the hearts of many listeners who can relate to this tough situation. 

Summer used her strong emotions to create an amazing comeback album that many can relate to. However, every album has their fans and critics.  “I didn’t like the album because it was too sad and didn’t have many hype songs, which is what I like,” Devon Washington, senior, said. Overall, Walker’s new album has been successful and has shown a lot of love.