Disney’s Encanto

Disneys lastest brings Columbian representation

Disney’s Encanto

On November 24th, Disney released their new movie, Encanto. It is an animated movie that takes place in Colombia where the main characters belong to one big family, “La familia Madrigal.” The family lives in a magical Encanto, where they are all blessed with magic gifts, except for Mirabel. As conflict arises and the magic they once knew begins to disappear, Mirabel goes on to pursue an exciting adventure where she helps restore the family’s gifts and save their magic house. The movie was rated with 92% on Rotten Tomatoes overall, and 91% of the viewers enjoyed it. 

What is really exciting however, is the representation. Disney hardly has any movies based off of Hispanic cultures other than Mexican, making this the first time any big animated movie has Colombian representation included in it. Colombians from all over the country were bursting with excitement and joy as they got the opportunity to see characters that look and act like themselves being represented in such a film as big as this one. The cast is incredibly diverse, ranging from white Latinos to Afro-Latinos. A lot of the Colombian dialect and accents are used ,as well as food and clothing. Food such as arepas and buñuelos are shown, and all the characters are seen wearing traditional Colombian fashion. Encanto truly showed how diverse Colombia is, opening the eyes of those who are not educated on this culture. Additionally, the soundtrack (produced by Lin Manuel Miranda) features incredible music that features music genres such as traditional Colombian folk music, salsa, and bachata. 

Jaden Torres, sophomore, said “I’ve never seen such a diverse cast for a Disney movie. The movie was really funny and they did a great job with the representation. The animation was incredible and the plot was so cool. I would definitely recommend others to watch it and would watch it again myself!” 

Overall, it’s pretty clear “Encanto” is a huge success, and hopefully this success will inspire Disney to make more movies showcasing other ethnicities from around the world in the future.