Animals of the Jungle

The Jungle isn’t just inhabited by Jaguars anymore

Zootopia should’ve stayed in theaters and not out and about outside the classroom door. CGHS is no stranger when it comes to animals on campus, whether that be as small as ants and bees to as big as birds. How does this affect the academic lives of both the students and school staff? Do they have a problem with the pests or is it completely dismissable and not at all bothersome? 

Firstly, what kind of problem do animals bring to a school setting? For starters, it can be a distraction to students to have animals around them and take their focus towards the animal rather than their teacher. Students of young tend to have a small attention span and when something arguably more of their liking that is interesting captures their eye, they can’t seem to regain their focus. Animals can also cause a disturbance outside when kids are eating Lunch by swooping in and eating crumbs of their chips and taking bites out of their sandwich and overall being a nuisance. 

Secondly, what is the majority, those who think animals are annoying and those who think they’re no bother? Most teachers teach their classes indoors so it doesn’t affect them as much if at all. Teaching within buildings helps block out any possible safety hazards animals may bring and cancels out the distractions they’d potentially bring. Therefore most teachers if not all never even have to think about things like for example bird poop on the desks. A completely safe and controlled environment is the ideal classroom setting.

Finally, if animals can cause a disturbance around campus, how could an animal problem possibly be not half bad. Outside at lunch, birds can commonly be found either on the ground eating off crumbs from the floor or on the roofs looking at kids eat their food. Birds rarely would swipe down like a hawk and steal someones’ food if at all. In addition, ants, despite being known for eating crumbs to help give nutrition to their colonies, aren’t quite a problem. Due to their size, they’re practically unnoticeable unless you look down all the time.  Animals can become an issue but overall, they are just minding their own business and simply trying to survive and not aggressively trying to annoy school staff.

In conclusion, wildlife can be a disturbance, an interruption, a distraction, a hazard, a nuisance, and whatever you’d like to refer to them as. Truth be told, their inhabitants in the school would probably be better off if they weren’t there at all. However, despite this, it’s easy to overlook their presence and not as much of an annoyance as one might expect.