Two Twin Flames become one

Rockstar MGK and Actress Megan Fox get engaged


Machine gun Kelly and Megan Fox have recently got engaged! Being such a huge shock  to us all. It all took place January 11th with a beautiful ring. The engagement ring that was designed by Stephen Webster alongside Machine gun kelly. He announced that “The ring was designed to be two that included Megan’s birthstone set on two magnetic bands of thorns that draw together as two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that is our love” Machine gun kelly took the time to piece together the perfect ring that defines their love. Megan shared on instagram post the shocking news and added “then we drank blood”. What an intriguing way to conclude the proposal. Emily Drummond, a 10th grader at Coral glades states, At first I thought they were the most random couple ever. Then after a while I thought they were so cute, they complimented each other well. When he proposed, I was shocked because I thought it was extremely soon. It seems rushed for public purposes. They are cute but their relationship definitely moved quickly in my opinion. “ 

As Emily stated it moved on very quickly which is what it seems like. In reality though they have been together for 2 years. It definitely doesn’t seem that way, I guess that means time does move on fast. Many people have mentioned how out of nowhere their relationship came. Nobody expected it. Nothing led up to that moment. To explain, in June 2021 a film was released called “midnight in switchgrass”. They were spotted in may 2020 together and spontaneously got together afterwards. Now since the film was released last year all the pieces have been put together. Melanie Vargas a 10th grader at Coral Glades says,when i first saw them i didn’t know they were together but then i saw a photo of them kissing. Now that they are engaged honestly I don’t really think it’s gonna work out.They are cute but let’s be honest their vibes are complete opposites.” This unexpected news was a shock to us all, but no matter what we wish them the best in this new relationship and hope for them to last.