(Broke)n (Prom)ises

Seniors class of 2022 struggles to get money for Prom


As prom slowly creeps around the corner, girls are staring to envision their dream dress, hairstyle , and makeup. Boys are wondering if they have to do a big pro(m)posal or can get away with a simple question. After the pandemic destroyed the Class of 2021 and 2020’s hopes of a normal senior year filled with Prom, Graduation, Grad bash, and a once in a lifetime occasion, the Class of 2022 went through a rollercoaster of hopes. Luckily with the vaccines and online school this year’s senior class has as “normal” of a senior year as possible : with masks. They enjoy all the simple pleasures past alumni unfortunately were deprived of. But even with the pandemic almost fully behind us the aftermath still haunts our seniors. Due to COVID, social events, and fundraising for 2022 was severely low hence class of 2022 is essentially broke. This year with a lot of slack to cover the class has had abundance of fundraisers in order to soften the blow of covid. Although the turnout was good at these events’ money is still tight. Class Officers all strongly encourage all classes to attend these events first and foremost seniors. The class has broadcasted these events to the extreme through their many social media platforms most notably Instagram. To ensure the word gets around to as many people as possible. Even with all their efforts to amend the mistakes Covid caused students still blame the class officers for not having any money. Class of 2022 strongly encourages involvement in planning of prom by joining prom committee in order to ensure prom is a magical night. They also hold meetings where jags can attend to help share their ideas for fundraising.

Kirsten Heidinger Senior Class President stated , “ Currently the class is still in need of funds to make our prom the magical night we set out for it to be. Most students are unaware of the fact that the money gained from fundraisers held by the class go solely to prom and that’s it. If you are looking for ways to help you can attend fundraisers, donate to our class on the, or attend our meetings to share your ideas.

Matthew Williams Senior Vice President jokes , “We can guarantee prom will be bigger and better than Class of 2020’s. On a serious note we are trying our best to ensure Prom is the best it can be for our class”.

The theme and date has been officially announced. The theme and date will be drum roll please – Enchanted Forest and May 14th. For more information follow class of 22’ on Instagram @coralglades2022.