Too many Two’s

February 22nd , 2022 importance


2/22/22 Tuesday may sound strange, but this day is a once in a lifetime event. It is called a palindrome day meaning that the day reads the same forward and backward. It’s also an angel number which when you usually see this number “222”  it means good things are coming your way, peace and stability. There were a lot of beautiful events that happened on this certain day. There are children being born every second of the day, so of course you will expect a few this past tuesday. What you won’t expect is the fact that they were born at 2:22 am in room 2. There was also a set of twins born, Triplets once in NICU turned 22, and many beautiful couples getting married on the same day. It was truly a beautiful way to celebrate.

So many miracles that will create amazing memories and just good spirits lasting as long as you allow. A pluto return represents death and rebirth. It takes 240 years for it to orbit back in the same position and that’s what happened this past tuesday. A pluto return has often resulted in a rise of power and a fall of empires. This so-called pluto return took place this past tuesday. Many people have different opinions on 2/22/22.

Sophomore Anioldjy Riche states, “Personally I don’t know much about this day. I do know everyone was talking about it and saying how amazing that day was gonna be, but once it rolled around it was that big of a deal. I did feel very different that day. It could have been my mind just telling me that, but I felt very confident.” 

Sophomore Emily Drummond states, “I think that when people are told that good things will happen on days like 2/22/22 people only pay attention to the good things and that’s where that stigma came from. I think it’s an unconscious thing everybody does. I don’t think cool dates like that create good days or memories, but I think it’s a cute belief.”

As you can see everyone has their own opinions on that day. Either way It’s a very strange day that may or may not happen again.