Live Nation Entertainment Outperforms

Strong to be the Nation

The stock market is a very important part in economic development, especially in the United States. People use stocks to enhance their savings, protection of money against inflation and taxes, and maximize their income through their favorite investments. Stocks are an important source of income for investors as well, because as prices rise and decrease market volatility influences both consumers and businesses. Of course, for every investment, it is very pivotal that you ask questions relating to your special investment or service that you choose to ensure your income safely because stocks can get beyond complicated! However great news is in store to those that have invested in the Live Nation Entertainment stock. 

Giancarlo Adrian Garcia Mollfulleda, senior, said “I believe as a human we do need to all have our fair share in stocks and the stock market. The stock market is essential for us to have because they allow the access to trade and exchange capital for investors no matter which specific stock you want to put in. I know some may say the reason to not invest in the stock market is because all stocks are cyclical and you never know where you may end up, but stocks are inevitable to go down and with all the different forms of stock that is why you invest in more than one. Building a stock will help you personally protect your money from inflation and taxes and most importantly it enables financial security.” 

On Monday, February 7 2022, Live Entertainment sat at 2.45% but today currently sits at 3.48% completely reaching over Ebay’s competitive market that sat at 1.40%. Live Nation currently is worth $115.02, while Ebay is only worth $59.55. This means that LYN may potentially rise in the future, allowing shareholder value to be fair considering that the balance strength sheet may allow the substaniel drop for new purchases. However, there are still concerns addressed around LYN such as the payment for patience in the stock and the average return after their rise. One highly advanced positive is that LYN has grown up to 15% since August of last year. The future is unknown for Live Entertainment, but margins have proved that live stock continues to grow their earnings yearly and provide reasonable shares to their shareholders.