Bridgerton Season 2

What is next for the Bridgerton family and what can we expect?

Bridgerton Season 2

On December 25th, 2020 many were searching for distractions during the thick of quarantine. During this time we were given the first season of Bridgerton on Netflix, based on the highly talked about Bridgerton books.

The Bridgerton family consists of eight wealthy, tight-knitted siblings who live in the Regency era of England where they attempt to find love and marriage. During season one we follow one of the Bridgerton daughters, Daphne, as she slowly falls in love with Simone, a Duke. There is a writer that spills gossip about the powerful families named Lady Whistledown who is revealed to the audience in season one, but not to the characters in the series till season two. After the two finally end up together to conclude the end of a dramatic season, Netflix has released the long awaited season two on March 25th, 2021.

This season, we follow the eldest Bridgerton sibling, Anthony, who decides he is ready to look for marriage.  After meeting the Sharman family of two beautiful daughters, Edwina and Kate, things get complicated. When Anthoney decides he wants to marry younger Sharman daughter, Edwina, the families start to see each other often. But we instantly see a connection between Anthoney and the eldest daughter Kate that is too strong to hide, stirring up drama. We follow the two as they try to find a solution. Meanwhile one of the Bridgerton daughters, Elioise, is out on a hunt to find Lady Whistledown’s true identity, but is then shocked later in the season when she finally finds out the truth.\

Although the plot may seem hard to follow from this brief description, many students find themselves binging the dramatic series. “This season was very exciting and I loved the connection between the main characters,” Devon Wahington, senior, said.