The Key to a Productive Summer

Some summer opportunities for many students are coming up for the 2022 year!

The Key to a Productive Summer

Most students’ ideal summer consists of relaxation, vacation, and hanging out with close friends and family. With the school year taking place for about 10 months, many students enjoy spending their free time on fun activities during the 2 month summer break. However, with much more time available, a wide option of productive summer opportunities will be available to further school interests into the summer.


Summer opportunities usually refer to programs that allow high school students entry in order to pursue career interests or to improve college applications. Some opportunities include internships, summer jobs, technical camps, dual enrollment, and service organizations. 


Most students who end up participating in these summer activities mostly lean towards service programs. These can be done at many places, such as local hospitals and pet shelters, making it extremely accessible to volunteer. Many donation drives will locally pop up around this time as well, due to the cold season that usually follows the heat. They will also begin to collect school supplies closer to the back-to-school season.


“During summer, I plan to get a Job to make my time a little more productive” junior David Escobar said. “I also want to take a Computer Science course to pursue my interests a bit more.”


Dual Enrollment is a great program to enter during the summer as well. Many students who end up doing the program find themselvs going through the college experience during high school, at a local community college. For example, many in Broward County will have the opportunity to dual enrollment at Broward College, provided they have satisfactory SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer scores. With most of the courses only lasting through summer break, getting the college credits once a student passes the final can be quite rewarding as opposed to an AP class.


A summer job is also very rewarding. Getting a job at a restaurant or a retail store can look great on college applications. If any type of hourly wage is available, it can be used to save up for college in the future as well as provide an income that can be used for fun activities and enjoyment.


“Aside from AP classes, I want to take a Dual Enrollment summer class, virtually, at Broward College,” sophomore Devin Troy said. “They seem to be a good use of my time to get some extra college credits.”


Students interested in pursuing a STEM degree can enter summer tech camps. Recently, universities such as Florida Atlantic University and Georgetown allow enrollment in these camps to follow up on multiple engineering experiences, like coding. These camps also look great on college applications as they demonstrate a continued interest and determination. 


Regardless of the chosen summer opportunity, students should strongly be encouraged to participate in whichever programs are available and appealing. Overall, these opportunities will continue to keep the human brain engaged, which will be useful when the school year starts again!