Football Cheer Tryouts

Come try out for the Lady Jags football cheer team of 2022-2023


As the date gets closer, many of our previous Coral Glades Football Cheerleaders are getting prepared for the upcoming tryouts. Every year,  the returning lady Jaguars look forward to it seeing fresh faces and talent arrive. Monday, April 4th, will be the official beginning of tryouts for football cheerleading!

“It’s a three day process, in which, the coach evaluates us. It’s close to about 100 girls from sophomores to seniors that show up,” Junior and returning cheerleader Angelina Martell said. She also advises new students that are considering trying out to… “not be intimidated just because there’s a lot of girls and just go in and try your best!”

Cheerleading, a sport originally started in the United States, involves a team participating in an arrangement, or routine, of stunts, pyramids, baskets, tumbling, jumps and dance. Cheerleaders from all over the world find this sport exciting because of the constant different routines and dances they must perfect. In order to participate, you need to be able to do a variety of different sports-related skills. When it comes to football cheerleading, it involves the same concept, however you will be performing to cheer on your school’s football team!

Usually, when attending standard cheerleading tryouts, they expect you to learn a few quick and simple cheers in a short period of time. After being taught and shown how to perform these cheers, you must do them yourself. This is so the people evaluating your moves understand how fast you may learn and how you actually perform under pressure. In addition, most of the tryouts will include knowledge of basic jumps, tumbling, stunts, and a quick dance.

For a successful year in cheerleading a dedicated and hardworking team cheerleaders must be assembled. This way, our football team will stay motivated. If you are interested in trying out for the sport, they will be held in the cafeteria after school, from 2:40 pm to 6:00 pm on Monday, April 4th. Make sure you practice and stretch before heading over!