Harry’s House

Students can’t wait to open the doors to Harry’s newest album


Harry’s House, Harry Styles third studio album and other unreleased songs have been leaked online. Harry has already announced the album release date to be may 20th and released his first single As It Was along with a music video. Harry’s fans have been very upset about the leak, most fans say that yes they are very excited to hear the album they wanted to wait until the release date and are upset that someone would release the music knowing Harry worked very hard towards the album. Fans say whoever leaked the singles is being very disrespectful. The songs Medicine and Anna were the songs leaked, though Harry performed these songs no one had heard the studio version of these songs. Someone even released unreleased One direction songs and fans are very upset saying people should respect that One direction isn’t a band anymore and that if they wanted to release the song then they would’ve. My personal opinion is that people need to be patient and wait for the album to be released than be disrespectful and leak songs. I also think that if you are a true fan of Harry then you won’t listen to any of the leaked songs and wait for may 20th. Sophia Herrera, a sophomore, says “I’m kind of upset about the leak honestly. Listening to a song for the first time is such a cool experience. I was looking forward to being able to experience that with these songs”  Allyssa Milian, sophomore says “ I really just started getting into harry’s music after he released As It Was and i was really looking forward to listening to the album on may 20th and i’m really upset songs got leaked