Through A New Learning Perspective


Every year, Coral Glades welcomes a few hundred new faces to campus. Incoming Freshmen are usually excited to start the next four years of their education, the blueprint to a successful future. However, not only do new students enter the school, but also teachers.

A couple of new teachers and staff enter Coral Glades every year. It’s very interesting to see what these educators can bring to campus, especially if their ways of teaching are new and refreshing.

These new teachers will oftentimes charter, lead, and start a club or organization at school. With the various amount of interests students take pride in, these new teachers will often help these students start to collectivize new clubs. One such new teacher includes Mr. Johnson.

“I love Medical Skills, especially the way that Mr. Johnson includes his students in most lectures that he teaches,” student Chad Maxwell says. “I also love all the equipment that he lets us use.”

Teachers who are already established and have had a presence at Glades already have expectations set for their students. Of course, students feel the same way when they end up choosing their classes, especially when an established teacher is teaching the class. However, when a new student is assigned to a class, students can grow aside from the teacher and learn as well.

Almost every year, the school gains and loses teachers. While we miss the old ones, we welcome the new ones with open arms. This year, we got lucky enough to land Mr. Alkana, who teaches algebra to a variety of students. Mr. Alkana, who has previously been teaching at Coral Springs Middle School, says that the reason he loves to teach his subject is that it challenges him and makes him use his brain.

Also, Mr. Johnson is a new medical skills teacher at Glades. He came from West Palm Beach and was forced to move to Glades to do what he loved the most, which was being an athletic trainer.

Furthermore, Ms. Jacqueline Rodriguez was born in New York to Puerto Rican parents. She has been a teacher at Coral Glades High in the city of Coral Springs for 8 years. She teaches peer counseling, English 3, as well as ESOL for young immigrants whose first language is not English.

Whether students end up enjoying these teachers, the first year is filled with new surprises that can excite students. Most of new teachers feel optimistic to continue the school year and incorporate new learning procedures.