She-Hulk SMASH!


She-Hulk is a Disney+ series released in 2022 and premieres as the cousin of the famous Bruce Banner, aka Hulk. The show capitalizes on the accident that turned her into a hulk and how it has drastically changed her life and how she lives. The season finale finished airing Thursday, October 13th, 2022, bringing some new aspects that the MCU has never seen. The show has constantly been getting hate significantly since it adds a goofier side to the MCU; however, this season’s Finale was something new and refreshing that no one was expecting. Many original MCU fans said they didn’t like the show mainly because it didn’t provide as much action as the other movies and shows that marvel has come out with.” I don’t think the idea of adding such a comedic side of a character like She-Hulk into the MCU, which is known for all of its action and plots. Even though I went into the show expecting cringe scenes, I enjoyed it very much, and it grew on me.” Leilani Torres, Sophomore. Even though She-Hulk doesn’t have the same action-packed scenes as some of the other MCU projects, it provides a more comedic side of the MCU which we haven’t had in quite a while. “This show was unique compared to the other shows that marvel has come out with. I really enjoyed each episode because of the comedy it brought with all the new characters and the cameos. Overall, I enjoyed the show and would recommend it to people who may not be the biggest fan of all the fighting these shows have and are just looking for a good and quick show to watch in their free time.”

Alexia Forester, Junior. The show also consisted of many cameos of characters that fans enjoy seeing on the big screen. Some of these characters are the long-awaited Abomination, Sorcerer Supreme Wong, and Crime-fighting vigilante Daredevil.” I wasn’t interested in the show from the beginning. Still, I did enjoy the cameos, especially Daredevil, since I watched his performance.” Gavin Sanchez, Sophomore. She-Hulk takes some of her comical powers, such as being able to talk to the viewers, and we get to see this feature in the Finale as we have never seen before. Some of these features include She-Hulk’s ability to break the 4th wall and interact with people in the real world and the viewers. This episode outdid itself and showed viewers that the Marvel team could get creative with their show-making and scenes.