Books For Cause: Is It Justified?


Coral Glades is set to have its annual 2022 Pep Rally in November. The event is widely celebrated by many students, especially since many organizations and clubs are able to partake in the Pep Rally. Ran by Student Government, a lot of time is put into the event.

However, many students have opposed the way of gaining attendance at the Pep Rally. SGA’s proposal? Donating Books.

In order for students of Coral Glades, both underclassmen, and upperclassmen to gain attendance at the Pep Rally to donate two gently used books. These books are assumed to be donated to various organizations.

While the incentives are very touching to allow many children and adults the ability to read more books, the discrepancies from students stem from the fact that many do not have any pieces of literature to donate. Many books have been converted online, and some are only accessed through this medium. Furthermore, upperclassmen may have already given up all unused books to other organizations or local libraries.

“I can understand why SGA asks students to donate books, specifically because it’s for a good cause,” junior Valentina Oyola said. “However, like in previous years, I think all students should be able to attend the pep rally regardless of donations. Many students may not have books at their disposal.”

While not confirmed, the books are said to be gently used. If this is the case, then it does not allow students to walk into a local bookstore and buy two brand-new novels. This incentivizes students to scour through collections.

“Donating brand-new books is fair, only if you do not have any of your own,” Valentina continued. “If students want to participate in an activity, then it stands to do whatever it takes.”

The issue is very split between the ideals of CGHS students and SGA. Whether the issue continues, the policy of two book donations still stands. The Pep Rally is set to take place at the end of the Coral Glades spirit week, all leading up to homecoming.